How will 5G change your life?

Written by Shelly Duncan

Right now 5G is being touted as the next big thing. And there’s no doubt that it will be enormously transformational to both business and day to day life if it delivers on its promise.

And it’s not going to disrupt (yes, I used that way over used word) just mobile broadband but also impact all the emerging tech coming at us at a rate of knots.

5G has the power to amplify and drive the benefits we will see from smart cities, consumer experiences, and IoT (Internet of Things). It will spur innovation in a connected and collaborative way, such as we have not seen since the advent of the internet itself.

But, putting aside the big, world-changing possibilities and all the hype, just what exactly does it mean for your everyday life?

Faster Mobile Internet (and let’s face it if you are in Australia on NBN – faster internet full stop!) And for most people they are really only thinking small here.. like I can watch Game of Thrones streaming on my phone without any glitches. But the average person is not doing remote surgery with robotic arms via a cellular connection, so glitch-free streaming is a thumbs up for most of the population.

Rid yourself of Wires The bane of our household (and the father-in-law who has to install them in our roof and walls) are Ethernet cables. No more drilling through walls, no more climbing through the roof – no more waiting for the telecoms guy to come and install a box, no more waiting for the cable guy to come and install a box.. no more waiting for any guy to install anything (there goes your work from home excuse though).

Multiplayer Gaming will get a lot better. Gone will be the days when internet latency will get you shot. You no longer need to wash your hair on a Saturday night instead of live-stream playing with your mates!

Low Latency is going to improve your work from home experience. The need to turn off video on Skype or Zoom or any number of collaborative teleconference tools will be a thing of the past (no more working in the PJ’s!)

Of course these benefits, along with all the hype of the bigger picture benefits around telemedicine, autonomous vehicles etc are only possible if providers can’t ensure reliability and consistent speeds, and Traditionally that has never been the case. While providers advertise peak speeds a paper by Vantage Point Solutions points out that actual throughput capacity is usually around 15%. Something most of us can probably attest to with our own connected devices.

It remains to be seen if 5G will live up to its hype or simply be a mobile phone upgrade

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